Claims and Repair Procedures

Sometimes creating an insurance claim can seem daunting. But, we are here to help. Listed below are some key things to know when starting a claim with your insurance carrier:

1-Only the policy holder or lien holder can start a claim.
2-Claims are categorized: … Collision (can be held against your insurance record and your premiums can go up) … Comprehensive (cannot be held against you)
3-You will have to make a recorded statement as to the event.
4-You will receive a claim number (make sure you note this).
5-Provide us with that claim number and set your appointment by calling 714-630-3766

*Note: The difference of a chargeable collision claim and a comprehensive claim is the fault. Most collision claims involve you as a driver hitting something with your RV. Comprehensive claims are damages to your RV by something outside of your control.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance premium go up if I start a claim?


Your insurance company can raise your premium if you have a chargeable collision claim against you.

What is the difference between a chargeable collision claim and a comprehensive claim?


A chargeable collision claim involves damages that are caused by you while driving. Whereas comprehensive claim involves damages to your RV by something else (ie wind, hail, falling trees)

Do I have to get 3 estimates before starting repairs?


No. You can take your RV to any shop you like and get only one estimate. Your insurance carrier has the right to write their own estimate in order to ID damages and the value of those damages.

Who authorizes the repairs?


Only you can authorize work to your RV, the insurance claim is there to pay for the damages incurred. You however, are responsible for the repairs and all charges that are incurred.