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Welcome to OCRV Center! With over 35 years of experience, our aim has been to provide Orange County California with the highest quality comprehensive RV services available. We've become locally known for providing our customers with a 5 star experience!

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RV Remodel Service In Orange County

RV Remodel Orange County

Quality RV Remodel Services

Here at OCRV Center, we can offer you some of the best interior remodel services. We are proud to say that our crew are highly skilled, professional and take pride in the work they do. We always want our customers to be excited and happy with the job we have done by providing them with exactly what they want, to the highest possible standard. .

We are a family business that has been lucky to have more than 35 years worth of experience. Working with RVs is our specialty and passion. We provide all sorts of services here at OCRV Center, so not only could you have the interior of your RV remodeled, but you could also have a maintenance check, and some new paintwork so your RV looks amazing on the inside and out.

We are well known in the Orange County for our excellent work; we have hundreds of faithful customers due to our fantastic customer service and our quality of work.

RV Remodel Orange County

RV Remodel Orange County

RV Camper Remodel Orange County

Whether you want an RV remodel or one of our other services that we offer, we want you to know that you are in very capable and trusted hands. With all of our camper remodel jobs, we strive for excellence all of the time. You can look at our gallery and see some of the work we have done on other RVs.

Remodeling jobs aren’t just fun for us; they can also be a great excuse for our customers to get creative. If you aren’t sure on how you want your RV to be remodeled, we can help. We have had plenty of experience when it comes to RV remodeling, so we can help you to come up with some great ideas for your trailer remodel.

When it comes to a motorhome remodel, your imagination is your limit. Whether you spend most of the year in your RV or just a few weeks of the year, you want your RV to feel like home. It should be a space where you feel comfortable and somewhere that you and the family want to spend time in. If you have an RV that you would like to remodel, you can contact us today and get the process started.

We really enjoy it when our customers can’t wait to see their newly done out motorhome, but there is nothing better than seeing them excited and amazed at what we have done to their RV. We don’t just provide our clients with RV services; you can also buy RVs from us. So whether you have an RV, or you would like to buy one and then have it remodeled, we can provide you with it all.

We offer the following services when remodeling your vehicle interior:

● Bedroom Storage Systems - If you want your bedroom to look and feel factory built, but you want it to be customized so that it suits you perfectly, look no further. We can offer fully customized closets, cabinets, drawers, and more.

● Kitchen Cabinets and Storage Systems - Whether you want some new kitchen cabinets or a bed that has a storage system underneath, we’ll make sure that all your ideas and visions come to life.

● Entertainment Centers - Entertainment centers are great for displaying your television on and storing all of your electronics, DVDs, CDs, etc. We can upgrade and install your electronics such as your television, radio, and more. We can also upgrade your internal and external electronics.

● Lighting and Windows - We can provide your vehicle with custom built, quality windows and energy efficient lighting. We also do window blinds and shutters to add that little bit extra to your RV’s interior.

● Furniture - Whatever specifications our customers have, we custom build all of our furniture so that it suits exactly what the customer wants. Whether you want chairs, tables, beds or couches, we can create your perfect furnishings.

● Quality Materials - Here at OCRV Center, we only use high-quality materials. The better the quality of the material is, the longer it will last, and the more expensive your interior will look.

RV Remodel Orange County

RV Remodel Orange County

Our dedicated team prides itself on offering a wide range of services. If you want an RV remodel that extends to your exteriors, we can help. Our RV Collision and Body Repair services can be used for more than just fixing damage caused to your vehicle during an accident.


Motorhome Remodel Shop Orange County

If you’re looking to give your tired vehicle a new look, there are many options available that can also be used:

• Side Wall Replacements
• Roof Replacements
• Aluminum Body Replacements
• Front and Rear Cap Replacements
• High-quality Fiberglass Services
• And much, much more!

Here at OCRV Center, we are the RV Restoration specialists. We specialize in interior and exterior renovations and can expertly give your RV, camper, trailer, or motorhome a full remodel to get it looking good as new. Whether you are looking to touch up a few worn areas or want to completely change the look of your vehicle, our team can get the job done to the highest of standards.

To finish off the remodel, why not visit our specialized RV paint shop? Our RV center boasts two 55-foot enclosed paint booths that have been specially built to hold large trucks and RVs and give your vehicle a brand new look. Once we are done with your RV, it will look as if it came straight from the factory floor.
Our team includes skilled designers with years of experience serving a range of clients, so they have the talent and skills it takes to come up with exclusive and innovative designs that will give your RV a one-of-a-kind look.
We can come up with a custom design to suit your taste, with unique decals, patterns, and color schemes. We only use the best quality materials to ensure long-lasting results. If you are looking for the very best RV graphics and paint services in California, then give us a call, and we will be more than happy to help you come up with a design to suit your style.


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