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RV Renovation Service In Orange County

RV Renovation Orange County

Quality RV Renovation Services

If you’re thinking about buying an RV, consider getting a used model and having it renovated. At OCRV, we take used vehicles and restore them to the highest standards. We will remodel your camper, trailer, or motorhome to your exact specifications. You will end up with a brand new looking vehicle that is built to your taste and perfectly suits your lifestyle, so that you can travel in total comfort.

Whether you are looking for an RV renovation or a trailer renovation, our skilled technicians can take on the job. We have over 35 years of experience in the business and have handled a wide range of restorations. We are well known in the area for our high standard of work, which is why our customers are always recommending us to their family and friends. We only work with top of the line materials to ensure a quality finish that will last for many years to come.

RV Renovation Orange County

RV Renovation Orange County

RV Camper Renovation Orange County

While new vehicles may sound tempting, most of the time you will find that the RV doesn’t quite have everything you are looking for. Having a used one restored can end up not only being more cost effective but also it can give you everything you want from your RV. Get your vehicle fully functional for the road and end up with a beautiful camper you can enjoy for many years to come.

Simply contact the OCRV Center and speak to one of our team members. We can discuss every last detail of your restoration plans from paint jobs to interiors and roof repairs. No job is too big or small for our team to handle; your restoration project is only limited by your imagination. No matter what you are looking to achieve, our dedicated RV technicians can help you get there. We will answer any questions you may have along the way, so you know exactly what to expect.

We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop. We even have a custom-built paint shop on-site so you can get all the work completed in one place for added convenience. This also allows us to achieve a fully coherent look throughout the whole vehicle. We can get the interiors and exteriors to effortlessly match, completing custom paintwork that will perfectly complement your interiors.

Our paint services include:

• Custom Paint and Decal Work
• Solvent/water based paint station, chillers, and compressors
• High-quality materials for a perfect finish
• Professional finish by our highly experienced team
• All our work is guaranteed!

When we complete a motorhome restoration or camper restoration, we take the time to find out exactly what it is you want to achieve from the project. We have skilled designers on our team that can create custom color schemes, unique decals, and stunning patterns you won’t see on any other vehicle.

We don’t just leave you with a standard finish; we complete the job entirely to suit your personal taste and specific lifestyle. Restoring your vehicle will get it looking good as new and add value to your RV, so you can get more money once the time comes to sell it on.

When people think of renovating their RV, one of their favorite places to work on is the interior. At OCRV, we custom build furniture to your specifications, so you can get just about anything you want done to your interiors. We offer a range of interior renovation services, including:

• Custom Built Furniture
• Bedroom Storage
• Kitchen and Bedroom Cabinets
• RV Flooring
• Electrical Upgrades

Give your interiors a brand new look with our interior renovation services. Whether you already have a clear picture of what you want or need our help to come up with some ideas, our team is more than happy to offer assistance. We have over 35 years of experience, so we can help guide you in the right direction. We can add any features you may need to obtain the look you’ve always wanted in your RV.

RV Renovation Orange County

RV Renovation Orange County

We can discuss any ideas you might have, personal style preferences, and find out more about your lifestyle. You can also take a look at some of our previous work to get inspired and come up with some ideas for your own vehicle. You will end up with a fully restored RV that you simply won’t see anywhere else. Your RV will be completed to the highest standard using only high-quality materials.


Motorhome Renovation Shop Orange County

Many customers come to us asking for more storage space to fit in all of their necessities while out on the road. RV manufacturers don’t tend to install enough drawers, shelving, or cabinets to fit in all of your belongings. Our trailer restoration jobs will give you exactly the storage room you need. Whether you need more space in the kitchen or bedroom, we can get it done for you.

Since all of our furniture is custom built, we can make the most efficient use of your space. We will ensure that every part of your RV is used to its best capacity. You don’t have to worry about any wasted space; we will find a way to use every inch of your vehicle so you can get the most out of your RV experience.


At OCRV, we like to think of ourselves as the RV restoration specialists. We restore any vehicle to the absolute highest standards, with all the work being completed on-site to save you money, time, and a great deal of effort. From repair work on your exteriors to complete interior remodels and a custom paint job to finish off the look – we can do it all!

If you are thinking of restoring your old RV or have just bought a used model that requires a bit of work, then give us a call. Our master technicians can repair or replace nearly any component on your RV. We build furniture to your exact specifications so you can fully enjoy the RV experience and travel in absolute comfort.


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